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You could be a household hacker, a DIY decorator, a quilter, knitter, a scrapbooker, basket weaver, needle pointer, wood worker, accessory or jewelry maker, doll maker, textile maker, shibori expert, potter, hand-builder, paper crafter, leather or denim worker, costume maker, an artisan or maker of any type basically any super creative person who loves making things by hand. Visit the official Making It casting page HERE.
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SADJAM 7 by CASTING. published on 2019-09-25T161548Z: GUILT by CASTING. published on 2019-09-25T161533Z: INTERLUDE by CASTING. published on 2019-02-20T204855Z: HIGHDRY by CASTING. published on 2018-03-28T185046Z: SHAKEYOURHIPS by CASTING. published on 2018-02-07T233024Z: STEPBYSTEP by CASTING. published on 2018-01-30T230857Z: REALTOME by CASTING.
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3 Southern Asia traditions and religions relied heavily on statue and relic castings. 4 These items were frequently made from a copper alloy laced with lead. 5 Since the beginning of metallurgy the majority of castings were simple one to two piece molds fashioned from either stone or ceramics.
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Examples of casting in a Sentence. The workers make metal castings for truck engines. Recent Examples on the Web Bergeron had been outspoken and critical last season over the show's' casting of former Trump aid Sean Spicer. Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY, Hosts" Tom Bergeron, Erin Andrews will be replaced on Dancing With the Stars, 14 July 2020 Anderson says Jamie Lynn Spearss casting was a bit serendipitous as well.
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Predominantly male casting directors and film producers use the casting couch to extract sex from aspiring actors in Hollywood, Bollywood, 3 4 Broadway, and other segments of the industry. 9 The term casting couch originally referred to physical couches in the casting office, but is now a metonym for the phenomenon as a whole.
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Borrowed from English casting. IPA key: /kas.ti/. casting m plural castings. casting selection of actors. Further reading edit. casting in Trésor de la langue française informatisé The Digitized Treasury of the French Language. Borrowed from English casting. casting m invariable.

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